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Work From Anywhere

Work from Anywhere with LPS Connect.

Our workspace in action.

This is an actual workspace installed in one of our home offices that highlights the utility of our services in an actual remote environment that can be set up anywhere  -  en masse or by individual component.

The workspace includes:

A T54W Desktop Telephone powered by LPS Connect

The T54W terminal is an endpoint on our LPS Connect hosted PBX service.   It is reached by dialing a direct number (857) 259-4700 or accessed as Extension 100 via an Auto Attendant (800) 856-9610.   It is an extension of a region wide system supporting all offices in the Northeast. 

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An iPhone running the LPS Connect Mobile App

With LPS Connect and our Mobile App, we can operate our business from anywhere.  As we step away from the office, have lunch, or visit a client, all features associated with the desktop terminal (T54W), are available on the iPhone, or an Android device if that is the smartphone of choice.


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A MacBook running LPS Connect UC Client software

The LPS Connect UC Client running on a MacBook Pro offers the same  telephony feature set that is available with the T54W endpoint but in a more visual context.   The client supports chat within the LPS organization, text (SMS) outside of the organization, and video calling and screen sharing both within and outside of the organization.   

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A Lifesize Icon 700 with Phone HD interfacing with Lifesize Cloud and Zoom

The Lifesize Phone HD is used in concert with an Icon 700 purpose-built videoconferencing system to hold video calls with one or multiple participants via any hosted standards based virtual meeting room such as Zoom, Lifesize Cloud, Cisco WebEx, Go To Meeting or BlueJeans.


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LPS Connect APIs running on the MacBook

LPS Connect's APIs enable the integration and interoperability of LPS's Hosted VoIP communications service with many standard PC , Mac, and Chromebook business applications.  These APIs automate our work flows to optimize real-time communications and information capture across our business, whether the communication is with employees, suppliers, partners, or customers. 


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