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Work from anywhere - UC Client

A MacBook running UC Client software


The LPS Connect UC Client running on a MacBook Pro offers the same telephony feature set that is available with the T54W endpoint but in a more visual and informative context. 

The client supports chat within the LPS organization, text (SMS) outside of the organization, and video calling and screen sharing both within and outside of the organization. 

With support for multiple line calling, the client allows interaction similar to a physical endpoint but with visual cues that make multi-line handling a bit easier. 

Video communications and information sharing comes pre-configured with a personal virtual meeting room (VMR) and access link (URL) along with the ability to establish a one time meeting for multiple participants.

You can join a meeting in the VMR by entering a URL similar to the following in a Chrome browser:

For the UC Client and other desktop collaboration software, we use a Huddly Go camera that is controlled by software supporting pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functions and a 150° field of view (FOV).  This allows us to zoom into detail and ensure that everything that needs to be seen is in the cameras field of view (FOV). 

We will use this client when there is a requirement to share data directly from the MacBook Pro or when we are interacting with a client in text or a voice call.  We just escalate the call from text or voice to video and data-sharing. 

Because this client runs on a Chrome browser, access to our LPS Connect PBX through the UC Client is available on any PC, Mac, or ChromeOS device operating from anywhere.

We are always one device away from a call with our employees, partners, suppliers or customers.

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