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LPS Connect APIs

LPS Connect APIs running on the MacBook supporting Workflow Integration


LPS Connect's APIs enable the integration and interoperability of LPS's Hosted VoIP communications service with many standard PC , Mac, and Chromebook business applications.  

These APIs automate our work flows to optimize real-time communications and information capture across our business, whether the communication is with employees, suppliers, partners, or customers. 

Click-to-dial is used in concert with G-Suite's contacts and enables us to click on a contact's telephone number and automatically dial the call through the T54W. 

When used in concert with Cloze, a CRM that we use in concert with Salesforce, a call record screen is presented after the auto-dial to ensure that the contents of the call are captured and recorded, if desired. 

Calls can be automatically dialed from Gmail as a response to a received email or from Salesforce and Outlook in response to a task or follow-up item. 

When a call is received, the URL Agent API will present the corresponding CID (Caller ID) record and activate a screen in Google Contacts, Salesforce, or Outlook.  This ensures that we are ready to discuss whatever is required at that moment in time rather than looking for information prior to or during the discussion.

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