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Work from anywhere - T54W

A T54W Desktop Telephone powered by LPS Connect


The T54W terminal is an endpoint on our LPS Connect hosted PBX service. It is reached by dialing a direct number (857) 259-4700 or accessed as Extension 100 via an auto-attendant.  The auto-attendant is reached by dialing (800) 856-9610

This device is an extension of a region wide system supporting all offices in the Northeast. 

The auto-attendant services all offices and provides access by function (Sales, Support, Customer Service, etc.) or by an extension number entered by the caller when prompted. 

The device can handle multiple calls simultaneously and when switching between calls, automatically place the previous call on hold.  

All employees dial each other via a three digit extension number and are aware of each others status via a presence indicator. This indicator is useful when moving calls from extension to extension to ensure availability of the targeted party.  The presence indicator (DSS/BLF) can also be used to auto-dial the extension.  

Call transfer, conference, park, history, speed-dial, voice mail, voicemail to email or text and a centralized directory enhance communications across all LPS locations and ensure that all resources are available to support all customers, at any time, regardless of location. 

 Functionality crossing geographic boundaries not only allows LPS to reduce network and operating costs, it allows LPS to utilize company human resources efficiently.

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