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LPS Mobile

An iPhone running the LPS Connect Mobile App


With LPS Connect and our Mobile App, we can operate our business from anywhere. As we step away from the office, have lunch, or visit a client, all features associated with a desktop terminal (T54W), are available on the iPhone, or an Android device if that is the smartphone of choice. 

We are always available to take a call. If we are in a position where we can't, the call is forwarded to voicemail and everyone is alerted via email.   If the call is time sensitive, it can be handled by any employee for follow up.  

With iOS devices, the mobile app is integrated with Apple's CallKit, sharing the same functionality as the iOS Phone app.   Calls can be made from a number associated with a Safari website, or from other Apple Apps such as Contacts, Phone, Messages, Mail, Reminders and Search. 

A listing of voice messages and call history allows us listen to messages and view all received calls.   We can also return calls by clicking the callers number associated with the voice message or received or previous outbound call.  

The Contacts feature lists the iPhone's contact list along with a centralized company directory and a personalized and favorites list created by the user.  

The phone will ring simultaneously with a desktop terminal to allow operation from whatever device makes sense at the moment. 

 It can also function as the main phone if a desktop set is not required.

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