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Work from anywhere - Lifesize Icon 700 and Phone HD

A Lifesize Icon 700 with Phone HD


The Lifesize Phone HD is used in concert with an Icon 700 purpose-built videoconferencing system to hold video calls with one or multiple participants via any hosted standards based virtual meeting room such as Zoom, Lifesize Cloud, Cisco WebEx, Go To Meeting or BlueJeans. 

Once the call is established, content can be shared from PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, cameras (still and video) digital microscopes, smart-boards, or any other type of multi-media device with HDMI output. This allows us the most versatility when presenting varied information from multiple information sources.  

The Phone HD supports best-in-class frequency response, achieved through a powerful loudspeaker driver in a large acoustically suspended speaker enclosure. This design reduces distortion and makes voices and conversations more true to life. 

Both camera and information sharing are transmitted in 4K to ensure the most realistic video and presentation. The camera has a 20X zoom that allows us to focus on the most intricate detail.  

We are also able to change video and content layouts on the attached display to suit the viewing requirements of the participants. Most importantly, all of this can be done with the ultimate of ease, paralleling the ease of use pioneered by tablets and smartphones. 

We will use this system when quality, performance (availability) and information content cannot be compromised, especially in a consultation or training environment. 

Face-to-face interaction is true-to-life and professional.

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