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Experience the optimum in ease-of-use and quality with systems built specifically for videoconferencing.

Purpose-built videoconferencing systems

Purpose-built systems are engineered for one purpose only, to provide the very best solution that delivers optimum quality and unparalleled ease of use for the environment that it is installed in.  They are designed to integrate with the latest in AV and presentation technologies and support environments from as small as huddle rooms to as large as auditoriums and banquet halls.  The systems are standards-based and designed to inter-operate with systems and services offered by multiple manufacturers.

Cameras are equipped with a wide-angle lens, a 70 to 120 degree field of view, and up to a 20x zoom, depending on manufacturer and model.  Auto focus, auto-framing and automatic gain control with up to 10 camera presets (near or far end) round out their optical capabilities.   Intuitive speakerphones integrated with control capabilities make voice and video communications life-like and overall system control effortless.

Because the systems are purpose-built, they offer:

Unparalleled availability and performance
Designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to dedicate all resources to videoconferencing performance, ease-of-use and reliability.
Flexible information sharing
Information can be presented and shared from any multi-media source, whether it be a camera, a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or digital microscope.  Purpose-built systems offer the most flexibility!
Wired or wireless data-sharing port access
The interface to the system's data-sharing port can be either wired via DVI or HDMI connections, or wireless using devices from Ubiq, Crestron, Barco, or Apple to name a few.
Multi-participant interoperability
Purpose-built systems are standards-based and connect to a wide variety of network based video bridges or virtual meeting rooms.
Multiple display formats
Output to the display can be changed per location to suit the application requirements of the participants.  Views can be changed from displaying both video and information sharing to video only or information sharing only.
Integrated VoIP functionality
Purpose-built devices are interoperable with VoIP networks, allowing anyone on a cell phone or regular phone line to connect to the meeting.
Options for all environments
Systems are available for different sized rooms ranging from huddle rooms for 3 to 5 people to large auditoriums with advanced AV devices and multiple cameras.

And are engineered to support the following environments:

Offices and Work from home (WFH) spaces
For an upgraded videoconferencing experience, a purpose-built systems gives you a dedicated video conferencing system with support for single or dual displays and the ability to share information from multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, digital microscopes, etc). The additional working real estate makes it easy for you to work while still having a consistent face-to-face conversation with 4K video quality and stunning 4K content sharing.
Huddle rooms
A huddle room is a small meeting room equipped with audio/video capabilities that companies use for quick team meetings (aka team huddles). Perfect for both unplanned working sessions and scheduled meetings, huddle rooms allow teams to hold discussions without reserving a larger room.
Meeting (Conference) rooms
Seating can range from as few as 6 to upwards of 30 people. The increased size of the conference room adds a requirement for dual-screen setups that let you view video participants on one screen while sharing a presentation on the other. Conference rooms generally require reservations to ensure availability.
Similar to a meeting/conference room, larger rooms may also require more microphone pickups in addition to high definition cameras with optical zoom.
Large meeting spaces like auditoriums, classrooms and all-hands multipurpose rooms are the largest forms of meeting rooms. Rather than a conference table, a typical layout will have seating positioned toward a dedicated podium or stage. Integration with panel manufacturers and third-party, integrated audio solutions are often required to support the size of the room.
Options for all environments
The ability to interact with multiple different device types (mobile, office, purpose-built environments) allows you to work from anywhere, at any time.

Purpose-built systems can interface with videoconferencing services offered by all market-leading service providers.

Connect to services offered by Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Teams, WebEx, and Lifesize

Purpose-built videoconferencing systems offered by LPS are standards-based and capable of connecting to the leading videoconferencing vendors.   The systems offer the ability to connect meeting rooms of all sizes, ranging from huddle rooms to large auditoriums and banquet halls and also offer the ability to share information from a multitude of devices. 

And can connect to anyone, anywhere, on any device, in a virtual meeting room.

Meet with one to as many as 10,000 participants, interactively or streamed.

Remote participants connect and participate on a multitude of devices ranging from purpose-built systems for videoconferencing to software running on Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones. They can also share information from these devices in a manner similar to presenting in a real meeting room.   Participants can join as an interactive participants or view the meeting via a stream.  The use of purpose-built systems in virtual meeting rooms that are streamed offers a very cost effective way to transmit real-time broadcast quality video.

Easily stream your next meeting or event with HDTV 4K quality video.

Broadcast live and record for playback with plug-n-play ease

Set up is minimal.   All that is required is an internet connection and your intended audience.  Services are available for both purchase and rental.    

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