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Apps - APIs

APIs enable the interoperability of LPS's Hosted VoIP communications service with many standard PC, Mac, and Chromebook business applications.

APIs for Computer Telephone Integration - CTI

APIs, available for Safari and Chrome Browsers, Outlook, and Salesforce, enable Click-to Dial and Screen Pop functionality. Call Logging is available with both Outlook and Salesforce products. A browser-based Dashboard extends the functionality of a co-located physical or soft business phone by enabling click and drag functionality across the feature set to support the optimum in inbound call handling and coverage .

Works in concert with browser based apps and our UC Client, T and VP series desktop sets 

The APIs optimize real-time communications and information access and capture by auto-dialing phone numbers or IP addresses in a particular record and automatically accessing records or displays by leveraging calling line iD.   Click-to-call, URL Agent (application screen access), Salesforce, Outlook, and Dashboard APIs are designed to work with most applications running in a web browser on PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks.  


Time is the most precious resource an employee has, so being able to work efficiently and get through simple tasks quickly can add up to a lot of saved time over a week.  The following APIs assist in this effort.

Click to Call

Business owners and executives can now integrate browser based directories, contact information on web-sites, and CRM's with their hosted phone system to drive operational efficiencies throughout the organization. Click-to-call is a browser based extension that enables auto-dialing of any browser based phone number through an associated softphone or business telephone set. Calls that are auto-dialed are logged by LPS's Hosted VoIP service to keep a record on the outcome of the call.

URL Agent - screen pop

URL Agent is the partner app to Click-to-call and captures caller information, inserts the number in a pre-configured URL and presents it to the browser to manually or automatically open a window to a 3rd party web application (i.e. "screen pop"). Windows can be opened using either the calling line number or calling party name. These two attributes can be configured as part of the application URL, so when a call is received, the web application opens the window associated with the number or name.

Salesforce interoperability

The Salesforce API allows you to place calls directly from within Salesforce’s platform.  For incoming calls, the API automatically collects and enters key communications facts back into Salesforce. Sales reps are able to make more calls and reach more prospects over the phone using click-to-dial and automated screen pop. They are also able to use information stored in their CRM to personalize and tailor conversations with prospects, which helps convert more leads into sales.

Outlook interoperability

Functions similar to Salesforce. Once activated, the APIs features will appear in the upper left corner of the Outlook ribbon. When selected, the ribbon item indicates the status of the VoIP extension and provides a field for manual dialing. When a call is received, a pop-up appears of the associated number, and upon call completion, the call is logged. Any telephone number within Outlook can be automatically dialed by right-clicking the number and selecting the call feature.

Dashboard - dynamic adjunct to a physical desktop set

The Dashboard enhances the call coverage capabilities of an LPS Hosted VoIP desktop set. Inbound calls can be answered, placed on Park, and transferred to another extension by simply clicking on the call and dragging it to the appropriate destination. Dashboard supports ten different functions that can be flexibly configured to support attendants, call center agents, supervisors, or a basic station user. One interface, four different functions to deliver a consistent interface and lessen training and support requirements.

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