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Our Unified Communications and Collaboration software provides seamless asynchronous & synchronous communications and messaging via a single comprehensive and intuitive interface.

LPS UC Client

Our UC Client is a collection of solutions for asynchronous and real-time (synchronous) communications and collaboration.  It integrates Voice, Instant Messaging, Voice Messaging, Fax Services, Data Sharing, Presence, Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, and Video Conferencing, via a common interface and enables them to function independently or seamlessly together in a communications thread, described as follows.

A typical communications scenario with UC Client 

You receive a voice message along with the callers ID.  After listening to the message, you decide to reply. To reply, you can use the caller ID to either call or send a text (SMS). You decide to send a text and immediately receive a reply. To clarify your text, you decide to escalate the dialog to a voice call. You do this by clicking on the SMS number associated with the text. During the voice discussion you feel that the discussion could be better served by a video call, so you escalate the voice call to video. You can now view the other party and share a document to support and enhance the discussion.   This complete scenario from voice message, to text (SMS), to voice, to video and data sharing is a classic example of seamless communications or UCC.   The escalation of a voice message to video meeting uses all tools to serve the communications string.  The tools can also be used independently via a common application interface.

UC Client makes your communication simpler and your collaboration more productive.  Operating within a Chrome Browser, the client offers:

An instructional main interface

The interface consists of three main sections - (1) media selection (voice, messages, meetings, voicemail, call history, settings),  (2) a directory area inclusive of company with presence status, personal, and favorite contacts, and (3) a guided interface to start a call, start a meeting, or start a chat or text message.  A voice call, text message, or video call can be started directly from this area or from the directory.  The directory area also lists the status (presence) of all company contacts that have extensions on the system. 

Voice communications

The voice communications interface consists of a dialpad, a call status bar, and an incoming call indicator/alert.  The status bar contains all features that can be used during the call inclusive of call transfer, three party conference, hold, audio mute, and terminate call.   When an incoming call alert is received and the call is selected, the client automatically places the first call on hold and allows toggling between both calls.  Calls can be made directly via the dial pad or through the directory.  The voice communications interface is available in all tabs and available in the forefront to make a call at all times.  

Messaging (Chat and SMS)

There are three different ways to message via the client.  A chat can be started directly from the directory for company users in addition to being used during a video call.  Text messages (SMS) can also be started from the directory (company, personal, or favorite),from the start display, or replied to in the messages log.  In addition to texting, files and images can be transferred during the session.  Logs of both chats and SMS messages are displayed via the message tab.

Video communications and collaboration - Virtual Meeting Room

The interface provides the ability to start a meeting between employees and guests via a personal meeting number permanently associated with the user, or as an instant meeting with a temporary number.   Participants are invited to a meeting via a browser URL (personal and temporary) and gain access by clicking on the URL or entering it in a Chrome browser.  While in a meeting, information can be shared and chats held with individuals or all participants.  Meetings can be held one-on-one, or with multiple participants.  The video meeting is displayed in its own browser tab.

Voicemail and call history

This interface allows the user to view and listen to all voicemails received on the individuals extension number regardless of the device used (desktop, mobile, or client).  When messages are viewed, all messages received from the same caller are listed in chronological order.  This allows you to view everything from a given caller at the same time.  The message includes the contents of the message, playback features, caller ID, and the ability to forward the message to another person.   The call history log contains a listing of all calls - inbound, outbound, and missed.

Integrated camera hardware and software that adds enhanced video quality and seamless interoperability with our UC Client or any other VC software running on a Mac, PC, or Chromebook/box.

Huddly GO for desktops and huddle rooms

A great complement to our UC Client is the HUDDLY Go, a compact, ultra-wide angle, software based collaboration camera that improves over time with each upgrade to the HUDDLY Vision Software.

The camera is USB 3 Plug-and-Play with a compact form factor and 150 ̇ ultra-wide angle lens making it perfect for personalized use and huddle rooms. When participants are close to the screen, HUDDLY Go makes sure everyone is within view.

The camera is controlled via an in app control application that allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom into the subject.   This application runs in concert with the UC Client and allows full control of the camera during the meeting.


Supercharge your workflows on a co-located PC, Mac, or Chromebook by integrating them with the UC Client.

APIs enable the integration and interoperability of LPS's hosted VoIP communications service with your current business applications and workflows.

APIs, available for Safari and Chrome Browsers, Outlook, and Salesforce, enable Click-to Dial and Screen Pop functionality. Call Logging is available with both Outlook and Salesforce products. A browser-based Dashboard extends the functionality of a co-located physical or soft business phone by enabling click and drag functionality across the feature set to support the optimum in inbound call handling and coverage .

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And better yet, our UC Client can be taken anywhere, or used on any 3rd party computer connected to the internet.

Work from anywhere!

The UC Client running on a Chrome browser enables absolute portability - the ability to work from anywhere.  Browser based applications are becoming the standard because unlike traditional applications, web systems are accessible anytime, anywhere, via a PC, Mac, or Chromebook with an Internet connection, putting the user in charge of where and when they access the application.

The UC Client works in concert with our Mobile App and desktop devices

Three devices - one number - never miss a call

Answer a call on the T54W or VP59 for expedience, and move it to your mobile device as you run out of your office.  Bogged down with a customer issue, load UC Client on any 3rd party PC, Mac, or Chromebook, and continue to work outside the office.  

This level of versatility is a hallmark of LPS's VoIP platform, LPS Connect.


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