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Lifesize's line of audio and video conferencing equipment is built for plug-and-play simplicity and designed to effortlessly connect you with your teams.

Lifesize Phone HD

Lifesize simplifies the meeting room experience by putting all of the essential conferencing functions at your fingertips. Make video and audio calls with unrivaled audio quality, search the directory, share your screen and control the video pan/tilt/zoom right from the customizable touchscreen interface of the Lifesize Phone HD.

Un-rivaled audio performance and full system control

The intuitive touchscreen interface of the Lifesize Phone HD makes voice and video communications and overall system control effortless. The feature set emulates smart-phone and tablet functionality, effortlessly guiding the user through the feature set with context related options. Best-in-class frequency response is achieved through a powerful loudspeaker driver in a large acoustically suspended speaker enclosure. This design reduces distortion and makes voices and conversations more true to life. Advanced beam-forming technology steers microphones to the location of the speaker and reduces room noise. That means everyone in the room can be heard, no matter where they are sitting. There’s no need to huddle over the phone or move the phone during voice and video calls. The Lifesize HD Phone supports stand-alone VoIP calls as well as VoIP calls integrated with the video conference. This allows voice only callers access to the video call. 

Complementary room controller

Transform your Android or iOS tablet into mission control for your meetings with the Lifesize Room Controller. Search your company directory, join a meeting, wirelessly share your screen and access in-call controls like mute, add participants and call recording all with the touch of a finger. 

Introducing the world’s first global 4K video conferencing systems. Rated best-in-class for video, audio and content-sharing clarity, Lifesize helps you  present your business in the best light.

Icon 300 for huddle and mini rooms

Designed to make meetings easy, Lifesize Icon 300 is purpose-built with the features essential for small meeting spaces and the quality and reliability businesses demand. Its ultra-wide field of view ( allows all participants to be seen easily, even in tight spaces, and its flexible design lets you mount it where it works best for you.

Icon 500 for small to mid-size meeting rooms

Designed for a range of video conference room sizes, Lifesize Icon 500 delivers stunning 4K content sharing and brilliant 4K video quality with impressive meeting room flexibility. Set up your smaller conference rooms with a Lifesize Icon 500 system with 5X optical zoom and single display, or size up to larger rooms by adding a dedicated display for full-screen presentations.

Icon 700 for mid-size to large meeting rooms 

Lifesize Icon 700 delivers a breakthrough experience that makes video communication and content sharing not only seamless but second nature and truly represents the closest you can get to being in the same room. Lifelike 4K image quality, ultra-high definition content sharing, superior sound and a breathtakingly powerful 20X optical zoom combine to create a meeting room experience that’s 10X better than anything else in the market.

The Phone HD and associated Icon system works in concert with our UC Client and Mobile App

Three devices - one number - never miss a call

Answer a call on the T54W or VP59 for expedience, and move it to your mobile device as you run out of your office.  Bogged down with a customer issue, load UC Client on any 3rd party PC, Mac, or Chromebook, and continue to work outside the office.  

This level of versatility is a hallmark of LPS's VoIP platform, LPS Connect.



Lifesize videoconferencing solutions overview

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