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Devices - Integrated Voice and Video

Our flagship smart video-phone strikes the perfect balance between simplicity, function, and performance, integrating our VoIP platform with 3rd party videoconferencing services and apps.

8 inch (1280 x 800) capacitive adjustable touch screen.
Smartphone like user experience with a 10 point multi-touch surface.
2MP Camera.
Mounted on top of display.  Can also be separated from display to co-locate with an external monitor for huddle rooms.
1080p30 full HD video.
Supports H.323/SIP standards based video for interoperability with enterprise class videoconferencing systems.
One button access to answer calls or move a call from the hand-set to the speakerphone.
Powered by Android 7.1.
Includes file manager, email, calendar, camera, gallery, recorder, calculator, browser, and message apps.  Enables the use of 3rd party services such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Lifesize Cloud.
Built-in Bluetooth 4.2.
Support for Bluetooth headsets and keyboards if applications are a part of the solution.
Built-in dual band 2.4G/5G WiFi.
Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless access if a Cat5 or 6 ethernet connection is not available.
USB 2.0 port.
Support for USB headset, media and storage applications.
Standard HDMI output.
Capability to attach a larger display for standards based videoconferencing.

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Works with any videoconferencing service - Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Lifesize and integrates CRM calling info with LPS Connect from applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outlook, and Cloze 

In addition to supporting standards-based H.323 and SIP voice and video communications, the device also supports Microsoft Teams, Lifesize Cloud, GoTo Meeting, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex collaboration applications.   This level of flexibility offers the most versatility of any device on the market.  Perfect for Work from Home (WFH) or Work from Anywhere (WFA) environments.

Also works in concert with the DD10K to add cordless handset support and EXP50 to add additional feature keys.

The smartphone for both your physical and virtual conference rooms with 4K video.

Simple to use.
The intuitive touchscreen interface is so simple that anyone can use it.
Customizable home screen.
Customize buttons, wallpaper, layout and time zones.
Greater voice pickup and clarity.
360-degree microphone array (and optional Lifesize® Digital MicPod™) for large meeting rooms.
Best frequency response.
90 Hz to 22 kHz delivers natural voice reproduction.
Improved cable management.
Easier access and cable retention.
View and launch your calendar for scheduled meetings.
View and launch Microsoft® Office 365®, G Suite or Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 or 2016 calendar on Lifesize Phone HD with paired Lifesize Icon.

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Invite remote participants, on any device, into your meetings

By connecting Lifesize's innovative, easy-to-use video conferencing hardware to our suite of videoconferencing service offerings, LPS helps turn any space into an instant video meeting room in seconds.

Integrated camera hardware and software that adds enhanced video quality and significant value to our UC Client or any other VC software running on a Mac, PC, or Chromebook/box.

For desktops and huddle rooms

A great complement to our UC Client is the HUDDLY Go, a compact, ultra-wide angle, software based collaboration camera that improves over time with each upgrade to the HUDDLY Vision Software.

The camera is USB 3 Plug-and-Play with a compact form factor and 150 ̇ ultra-wide angle lens making it perfect for personalized use and huddle rooms. When participants are close to the screen, HUDDLY Go makes sure everyone is within view.

The camera is controlled via an in app control application that allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom into the subject.   This application runs in concert with the UC Client and allows full control of the camera during the meeting.


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