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Devices - T-Series - T54W

Our T-Series VoIP desktop phones offer the optimum in versatility, ease-of-use, and quality of user experience.  All models offer:

A time tested ergonomic design.
The curved handset places the receiver near the user’s ear and the microphone near the mouth, angling both for crisp audio performance and a reduction of background noise. The number pads have physical buttons sized and shaped for comfortable, accurate dialing.  All the result of decades of use and improvement.
Context-related feature guidance.
4 physical keys are exclusively used by our VoIP system to present context related features to the end-user as they progress through a call on the phone.
User programmable feature keys.
The user programmable keys can be programmed to support lines, call park zones, speed dials, and direct station select/busy lamp fields (DSS/BLF). The DSS/BLF keys are used to determine whether the PBX extension is busy and to dial the extension directly for internal calls or calls transferred from the outside.  Number of keys vary by model.
Fixed feature keys.
For cursor movement, volume, mic mute, voicemail access, hold, last number redial, call transfer, and speakerphone access.  Varies by model.
Dual port Gigabit Ethernet switch.
Supports installation on the same network jack used for a co-located workstation.  Reduces the requirement to install additional cabling.
Hands-free speakerphone.
One button access to answer calls or move a call from the hand-set to the speakerphone.
Bluetooth support.
For headsets.
WiFi access.
For access to a wireless network when physical cabling is not available or desired.
Directory access.
Corporate wide directories can be downloaded to the device. 
Call history.
Includes a history of all calls made to the extension number will the ability to re-dial the number.

Context related feature soft-keys assist the user in making, answering, and managing calls.

4 physical keys are exclusively used by our VoIP system to present context related features to the end-user as they progress through a call on the phone.  Soft key states change as the user moves from idle to off-hook to dial-mode and finally to in-a-call.  They also change as the call moves from inbound-call-alert to in-a-call

Expand the utility and reach of the T54W with feature key modules and cordless handsets.

Add additional feature keys with the EXP50

The Yealink EXP50 adds 60 feature buttons in any combination of lines, direct station select/business lamp fields (DSS/BLF), speed dials, call park zones, or a host of other features to an existing device such as the T54W.  In this configuration, the T54W working in concert with the EXP50 can function as a receptionists or physical attendants phone.   Up to 3 EXP50's can be added to the device.

Add cordless handset support with the DECT dongle DD10K

The Yealink DECT dongle DD10K  enables the T54W to work as a cordless phone base station, which can be registered with up to 4 compatible W52H/W56H/W53H handsets.

Supercharge your workflows on a co-located PC, Mac, or Chromebook by integrating them with the T54W.

APIs enable the integration and interoperability of LPS's hosted VoIP communications service with your current business applications and workflows.

APIs, available for Safari and Chrome Browsers, Outlook, and Salesforce, enable Click-to Dial and Screen Pop functionality. Call Logging is available with both Outlook and Salesforce products. A browser-based Dashboard extends the functionality of a co-located physical or soft business phone by enabling click and drag functionality across the feature set to support the optimum in inbound call handling and coverage .

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The T54W works in concert with our UC Client and Mobile App.

Three devices - one number - never miss a call

Answer a call on the T54W for expedience, and move it to your mobile device as you run out of your office.  Bogged down with a customer issue, load UC Client on any 3rd party PC, Mac, or Chromebook, and continue to work outside the office.  

This level of versatility is a hallmark of LPS's VoIP platform, LPS Connect.



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