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Devices - Core

Our T-Series VoIP desktop phones offer the optimum in versatility, ease-of-use, and quality of user experience.  All models offer:

A time tested ergonomic design.
The curved handset places the receiver near the user’s ear and the microphone near the mouth, angling both for crisp audio performance and a reduction of background noise. The number pads have physical buttons sized and shaped for comfortable, accurate dialing.  All the result of decades of use and improvement.
Context-related feature guidance.
4 physical keys are exclusively used by our VoIP system to present context related features to the end-user as they progress through a call on the phone.
User programmable feature keys.
The user programmable keys can be programmed to support lines, call park zones, speed dials, and direct station select/busy lamp fields (DSS/BLF). The DSS/BLF keys are used to determine whether the PBX extension is busy and to dial the extension directly for internal calls or calls transferred from the outside.  Number of keys vary by model.
Fixed feature keys.
For cursor movement, volume, mic mute, voicemail access, hold, last number redial, call transfer, and speakerphone access.  Varies by model.
Dual port Gigabit Ethernet switch.
Supports installation on the same network jack used for a co-located workstation.  Reduces the requirement to install additional cabling.
Hands-free speakerphone.
One button access to answer calls or move a call from the hand-set to the speakerphone.
Bluetooth support.
For headsets.
WiFi access.
For access to a wireless network when physical cabling is not available or desired.
Directory access.
Corporate wide directories can be downloaded to the device. 
Call history.
Includes a history of all calls made to the extension number will the ability to re-dial the number.

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Never miss an important business call with LPS Connect Mobile.  The app offers:

Seamless integration with iOS and Android devices.
Seamlessly integrate call flows and features from your desktop device or software client to your mobile phone.  Support for Apple's iOS CallKit allows you to access contacts from Search, Phone-Recents, Contacts, Email, Safari, and Reminders for true functional integration
3 or 4 digit extension dialing.
Connect to fellow employees, anywhere, with 3 or 4 digit extension dialing.
Three way calling (3 party conference).
Add a third party to your call with three way calling.
Announced and blind transfer.
Transfer calls in the blind or announce the calling party prior to transferring them.
Join a conference call via one click.
Join a weekly meeting or respond to a company wide conference call with one click.
Centrally managed corporate and personal phone directories.
Integrates with iOS and Android contacts.  Also includes access to corporate wide or personal phone directories or favorites.
View, listen to, and manage voicemail.
View and listen to all received voice messages.  Return calls to messages with calling line ID.
View and re-dial recent calls.
Includes a history of all calls made to the extension number.   Calling line ID is included to re-dial calls when required 
Manage virtual attendant settings.
Set which device to ring of corresponding desktop sets and software clients.  Activate virtual attendants directly from your device for lunch, holiday, or specialized attendant settings.

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Our UC Client makes your communication simpler and your collaboration more productive.  Operating within a Chrome Browser, the client offers:

Contacts with Presence.
Provides a listing of corporate and personal contacts with presence status (available, away, do-not-disturb, or invisible). Click to dial various phone numbers, chat, or send an email with your default email client.
Voice call status bar.
Identifies calling party with phone number. Provides features to place a call on hold, add another party, transfer a call (blind or announced), and terminate the call.
Multi-call handling.
Handle several calls simultaneously, with the ability to move from call to call.
Incoming call alert.
Identifies calling party both in and out of a call.  Automatically places the existing call on hold when answering the call. 
Provides the ability to chat with corporate contacts (PBX system) or text (SMS) outside of the system.
Video meetings.
Provides the ability to use a consistent virtual meeting room (VMR) or instant meeting to meet and collaborate with one or many participants. Supports both application and screen sharing.
Voicemail management.
Provides the ability to view and listen to voicemail. Also provides the ability to re-dial the party that left the voicemail.
Call history.
Includes a history of all calls made to the extension number.   Calling line ID is included to re-dial calls when required 
Settings management.
Set presence status and system resources used for video meetings (cameras, mics, and speakers). Also provides the ability to manage call handling for the extension associated with the client.

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Our UC Client provides you with audio and video calling, instant messaging (chat and SMS), meetings with video and screen sharing, history, and voicemail without switching between devices, apps, and screens.  UC Client allows you to make and take calls without being tied to your desk phone, to chat or text (one-to-one or one-to- many), and meet with or see each other’s faces with the click of a button—all this without using multiple tools or programs.

Use them individually, or as a group  -  utilizing the unique benefit of each, simultaneously.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Whether using our T-Series devices for their versatility, ease-of-use, quality of user experience, or time-tested design; .. our Mobile App for its mobility or portability; .. or, our UC Client for its application integration, device independence, performance, or all inclusive user interface;  .. using the devices individually or all at the same time, offers the best of all worlds.   

Answer a call on your T-Series for expedience, and move it to your mobile device as you run out of your office.  Bogged down with a customer issue, load UC Client on any 3rd party PC, Mac, or Chromebook, and continue to work outside the office.  This level of versatility is a hallmark of LPS's VoIP platform.


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