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Telehealth is an integral feature of mainstream care delivery, changing lives for both the provider and the patient.  As patient demand grows and the number of available providers decreases, health care organizations must look for ways to be more efficient in care delivery while at the same time increasing the level of care with fewer resources.  

Doctors can't always get to the hospital or exam room to be with the patients when the patients need them.  Fortunately, with high definition video conferencing, hospitals, specialty care facilities, or medical practices can provide expert care – no matter what the distance is that separates physician from patient.

There are many advantages to high definition video conferencing in healthcare including:

Increased patient reach. Care can be provided to patients in hard to reach places including isolated areas, prisons, and metropolitan areas that have a shortage of specialists.

Timely access. In healthcare, timing is critical. Emergency care can be provided real-time and on demand, without the risk of transferring patients when time is of the essence.

Reduced costs. Quality care can be provided more cost-effectively by reducing costly transfers and travel time, lowering the financial burden on patients and families.

Remote access to specialty care. Neonatology, Telepsychiatry, Oncology, Emergency Care, Nephrology, Radiology, and many more specialties can be provided remotely.

Expert collaboration. Enjoy ease of access to doctors throughout the medical community for consultations, second opinions, and collaborations on new findings, the latest research, diagnoses, treatment options, and more.

Continuing education. Your medical staff can keep up to date with the latest information, technology, and techniques via interactive distance learning.

Improved business practices. On the business side of health care, high definition video conferencing reduces travel time and costs, gives you the ability to conduct institution-wide meetings, and improves personnel efficiency and productivity.

The benefits of video conferencing in the medical community extend to physician and patient alike – making sure that the best care is delivered, when and where it is needed.


Extending the Reach of Healthcare with Video

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