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Video Solutions for Education

Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom

Teachers and students don’t always inhabit the same classroom in today’s educational environment. Elementary schools through graduate programs are all turning to HD video conferencing to enable interactive distance learning.

Video technology connects students with professional subject matter experts as well as with each other to create an engaging, information-packed, collaborative learning experience.

High definition video conferencing offers an abundance of opportunities for today’s students and educators:

Enable distance learning. Expand teachers’ reach by streaming lessons to classrooms throughout the district, across universities, and around the world.

Invite guest lecturers.  Enlist subject matter experts to lecture live from almost any location worldwide.

Encourage team teaching.  Bring together teachers from different campuses and different universities to co-teach classes.

Participate in virtual field trips.  Bring the museum, aquarium, nature hike or country to the classroom.

Improve student engagement.  Promote interaction and collaboration with distance classes via text chat during a live classroom session.

Provide remote on-demand viewing.  Record lessons for students who miss class to view anytime or to revisit as an exam primer.

Create a YouTube channel. Publish performances, interviews, debates, science fair presentations, and student news.

Develop student study groups.  Encourage learning outside the classroom by facilitating student collaboration for group projects and study sessions.

Provide in-service teacher training.  Record training for on-demand playback to keep teachers in the classroom.

Expand parent-teacher communication.  Improve and build the frequency of parents’ participation in students’ academic life.

Broadcast school announcements. Publish communications for students, teachers, and parents to watch on their own time from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Case Study

There are now over 15 Archdiocese of Philadelphia schools participating in the "Math Matters" program. The students and teachers have willingly accepted the video conferencing technology and it has become a regular part of the daily school routine. Students, parents, and teachers have all expressed high satisfaction with the program and, as a result, other schools are being evaluated as potential candidates to expand the program.

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