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Best Practices for Managing Dispersed Teams:  How to Get Dispersed Teams to High Perform.

April 11, 2018 - Inc. -  by Melissa Lamson - You manage a team of people who are working from multiple locations and time zones. Initially, everything looked really good. You developed the project plan, created timelines, task lists and met with the team to kick the project off.  And it was a really strong start--at first.  But after awhile your team members lost energy..   Read full article.  

With $10M in new funding, Huddly launches its smart GO camera for video conferencing.

Dec 15, 2017 - TechCrunch -  by Frederic Lardinois - Huddly has built a smart camera that only has one mission: make your view meetings more productive.  Now for the most party, you probably don't think much about what camera you use for your video conferences.  They are pretty much all the same, after all.  But Norway-based Huddly thinks its smart wide-angle GO camera, which is now shipping for $499 through its resellers and which will be available directly from the company, can make the difference between a productive meeting and yet another wasted hour.    Read full article.  

How to Expand Traditional Classroom Boundaries with Videoconferencing:  Videoconferencing is a way to allow students in the classroom to transport to various places, speak to various people, and expand horizons.  It can help teachers as well.

April 27, 2017 - Tech Decisions -  by Craig Malloy - The use of technology in the classroom is becoming more and more prevalent in the 21st century. Tablets are replacing textbooks. Smartphones allow for quick research. Audiobooks help students struggling to read and recall text. And lower-cost, easier-to-use and easier-to-access videoconferencing is impacting education profoundly.   Read full article.  

The Productivity Tool Your Employees Are Asking For (But Probably Don't Have Yet)

July 29, 2016—The Huffington Post—by Krish Ramakrishnan.   Rolling your eyes, nodding your head or giving a friendly smile can make a major difference in how your business partners perceive you.  Body language, the expressions your make and how you present yourself can be the deciding factor in whether or not a meeting is successful and productive.   Read full article.


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