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Cloud videoconferencing

Finally, a solution that makes videoconferencing affordable to any organization.

Traditionally, video conferencing required expensive infrastructure and expert in-house support staff, effectively reserving it for global enterprises and top-level executives.  By leveraging the cloud, LPS makes end-to-end video conferencing the new benchmark for businesses of all sizes and in every industry.

Through our cloud-based capabilities, you receive the highest quality on-demand video and audio conferencing services. You can connect all your people, wherever they are and with whatever devices they use: desktop systems, mobile devices, soft clients, Unified Communications Clients, multipoint control units (MCUs), web browsers, and more.

Because the video conferencing services are cloud-based, you will also enjoy:

Instant deployment
We will oversee the implementation of your cloud video conferencing services and ensure compatibility with any existing video infrastructure you may have.
Enterprise readiness
Enterprise-wide rollout couldn’t be easier: admin-level features equip IT managers with the tools necessary to easily support and manage multiple aspects of the service.
Opex budgeting
With a pay-as-you-go model, it is easier to fold costs into your existing budget: there is no costly infrastructure to buy; no capex investment to budget for.
Capacity scaling
Our elastic cloud model lets you right-size your capacity for regular use and leverage burst capabilities for occasional usage spikes.
Robust security
Because our software sits in the cloud as a meet-me service, it eliminates much of the complexity and additional hardware required to manage the firewall/NAT access typically required for an on-site MCU deployment.
Ongoing savings
You can save up to 75% when compared to the five-year total cost of ownership (TCO) for a typical hardware-based MCU.

LPS’ cloud-based video conferencing solutions give you the ultimate in flexibility and enhanced functionality, enabling you to break the barriers of video infrastructure deployments and free your organization to use video the way you’ve always wanted to.


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Case Study

For the first time since the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters made their initial investment in video conferencing, they have been able to reliably hold successful video calls in HD with all 13 locations.  The Council is now able to realize the cost savings and improved communications they had expected, and the usage is growing rapidly on a daily basis.  The success is due to fully understanding the Council's environment and applying a solution that was right for this specific customer. LEARN WHY LPS

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